How To Go From Not Making Progress, Feeling Stuck and Frustrated With Your Guitar Playing, To Consistently Making Progress Every Day, in One Week - Using This Little Known Guitar Practice Book

Revealed at last! Professional guitarist 'draws the curtain' on practice methods that get results...

Have you ever wondered why some guitarists make progress, and others don't?

Have you spent days, or even weeks practising and barely seen any improvement?

Have you struggled to consistently make progress with your playing?

In my book below, I'll explain how a few simple changes to your approach can accelerate your progress, more than you've ever dreamed of.

The Reason Why You're Struggling

Why is it that some people make progress with guitar, while others struggle to make any improvements?

Is it down to genetics, or what some people call "natural talent"?

Sometimes people give up with their practice because they don't think they are have any natural ability. Sometimes people go from exercise to exercise, searching for the one exercise that will solve their problems.

However, the problem isn't with what you are practising.

The problem is how you are practising.

Finding advice on what to practice is easy... but no one tells you HOW to practice...

The internet is full of advice, groups and forums on what to practice, what scales to learn, etc...

But no one ever explains to you HOW you should be practising.

How long should you practice an exercise for?

How long should you have to practice for to expect to see improvement?

How fast should you be practising?

What should you be focussing on when you are practising?

What do you do when you get stuck with what you are practising?

Not knowing the answers to these questions holds you back from improving and finally enjoying playing guitar.

I answer all these questions and more in my eBook "How to Practice Guitar", so you can finally start making progress.

How to Practice Guitar and Train Your Creativity

This 211 page book contains a detailed guide on how to practice guitar more effectively, and how to become more creative - even if you're not a "creative person".

This book is based on over a decade of experience, teaching 100s of students, as-well as lessons I have personally learned on my journey from being the worst guitar player at school, to composing heavy metal albums, classical albums, instrumental rock and soundtrack music.

You will learn to:

  • Plan practice time
  • Specific ways to handle problems when practising
  • The purpose of guitar practice and how this affects how we should practice
  • Psychological tricks to help you practice more effectively
  • How to learn more effectively
  • How to improve your guitar tone


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You'll learn things like:

How Isolation training can 10x your progress... overnight!

Most guitar players practice incredibly inefficiently, and this is a major cause of not making progress.

For most guitarists, when they practice for 30 minutes, they only spend 3-5 minutes working on the things that they really need to be working on.

Most guitarists waste 90% of their practice time!!

Can you image how much faster you would progress if you weren’t wasting 90% of your practice time?

By using what I call “isolation training”, you can make your practice time more efficient, so that rather than wasting 90% of your practice time, you are utilising and getting benefit from 100% of your practice time.

That’s like having 10x as much time to practice in the day!

Problem Solving Strategy #1 on Page 76 goes into this idea in detail, so that you can start applying it to your guitar practice today.

Why Jon said I learned so fast it felt like cheating, and how you can experience that for yourself when learning songs

I have a student I teach who’s into metal.

He’s in a band and they play some very technical songs, these songs are really hard to learn.

This student came to me a while ago and asked if I had any tricks he could use to learn songs faster.

I thought for a bit, and asked him how he was practising.

Then I showed him how he can use Guitar Pro (or MuseScore if you want something free, or Logic Pro, Cubase... any music program) to write a custom drum track, to help him learn songs faster.

He watched me demonstrate the technique and went away and applied it that week.

The following week, I asked him how he got along with the custom drum track and he had this to say:

I tried that method you showed me... I learned so fast that I feel like I was cheating at learning songs.

He learned so fast that he felt like he was cheating at learning songs!!

I was pretty happy to hear that.

I imagine you would be pretty happy to feel that.

We’ll break down exactly what this Custom drum track method is and how you can use it to learn songs faster than you ever thought possible.

Pages 55-68 give detailed ideas, with examples, on how to practice with your metronome. In Appendix 4 we break down the three main types of exercises that we face as guitarists, and exactly how to setup a metronome to practice those exercises correctly!

5 Simple Strategies to Cope With Difficult Chords

Most guitar players struggle at some point with their chord playing... moving from one chord to another can be challenging.

Did you know that there are three simple exercises you can use to speed up any chord change that you are struggling with?

I still use these exercises today...

Every time I struggle with a chord, I use these three exercises, and then before I know it, I’m flying through the chords like nobodies business.

They work, every single time.

Every time a student struggles with a chord change, I know that they’ve forgotten these techniques... once I show them, they always find their chord changes start improving again (as if by magic...).

Pages 79-83 break down 5 simple and highly effective techniques that will help you learn any and every chord change that you will come across on guitar (I still use these today, for every new chord I learn)...

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Who Is This For?

This book is packed with actionable tips that you can use to drastically improve the quality of your guitar practice... and by improving the quality of your practice, your playing will improve faster and more consistently.

So if you are a guitar player wanting to practice more effectively, then download your copy today.

Better Practice = Learning Faster

We all know that we need to practice guitar, but has anyone ever broken down for you exactly how you should practice?

It makes sense that there will be some approaches, methods and techniques for practising that are more effective than others...

Wouldn't it be helpful if you knew that those were?

By applying the correct approach to your practice, you will find that you start improving faster.

What You're About To Learn

How to Practice Guitar and Train Your Creativity

You will learn to:

  • Plan practice time
  • Specific ways to handle problems when practising
  • The purpose of guitar practice and how this affects how we should practice
  • Psychological tricks to help you practice more effectively
  • How to learn more effectively
  • How to improve your guitar tone


£7 ($9). Instant download after checkout.


£14.99 ($19USD). Your book will be posted (with tracking) in 1-2 working days.

Includes THREE Bonuses!

Rouyghly two hours after checkout, you will receive an email which will give you free access to the following three bonuses:

Bonus 1) Chord Change Masterclass

A lot of beginner to intermediate students struggle to fluently move from one chord to another.

Maybe you've noticed the following problems with your chords changes:

In this mini-masterclass, we will cover these problems and more, and go over simple and highly effective exercises that you can use to solve all these problems once and for all.

The masterclass consists of a series of videos that clearly demonstrate the techniques and exercises that you can use to learn any chord and improve on your chord changes.

The tehcniques that we cover to learn chords are techniques that all accomplished guitarists use to learn chords effectively - I still use these techniques everytime I learn a new chord!

Bonus 2) Effective Practice Hilights

In this mini-series of videos covers some of the key concepts from the book, to give you a "fast-start" at applying these concepts to your practice.

Bonus 3) Backing Track Collection

This is a colleciton of "one chord" backing tracks, with drums, bass and orchestral strings. Each track is a single chord, allowing you to work on your scales, arpeggios and improvisation nicely in key, without having to worry about awkward chord changes.

These backing tracks are great for applying new scales and arpeggios musically, or just working on your improvisational skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

The eBook is £7 and the paperback is £14.99, for which you get nearly two decades of experience condensed into a series of highly actionable and effective tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to improve your guitar practice.

If you're a guitar player who wants to practice more effectively, play more consistently and get better results from their guitar practice, then this eBook will have something that you can use to improve your guitar practice.

And if it doesn't, simply email us to ask for a no questions asked refund!

This 205 eBook contains, amongst other things, 48 tips, tricks and strategies that will help you practice guitar more effectively; a theory of creativity that anyone can apply to become more creative and guidelines for learning songs faster.

The author has taken nearly two decades of playing experience and nearly a decade of teaching experience and created a list of the most vital aspects of guitar practice that students overlook or make mistakes on.

By fixing these aspects of your own practice, you will see your practice time become much more effective.

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Yes! It's not about talent, it's about doing the right things the right way.

This book breaks down exactly how you should be practising so that you can improve.

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About The Author

Sam has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and has released several albums across multiple genres. He has taught 100s of students and taught workshops across Europe.

He has studied with dozens of teachers, working through courses and text books.

Sam continues to study, currently working on classical form, and is composing an album of instrumental rock songs.


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